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2B Whole Gluten
Free Bakery

About us

We are a fully dedicated Gluten-Free Bakery offering Custom Cakes, Donuts, Pastries, Muffins, Bread, and Savory items with Vegan, Paleo, and Keto options. Along with Coffee and Espresso that can be made with alternative kinds of milk.

Our European-inspired Sweet & Savory products are prepared with the healthiest, Non-GMO ingredients and are made fresh daily. Every single item we bake is 100% Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Peanut-Free with Vegan, Paleo, and Keto options!

CEO and founder
Toula Argentis

2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery represents a personal step towards wholeness and balance in one's life. We believe that eating well allows one to feel well, and function well, and thus thrive emotionally, physiologically, spiritually.

Toula Argentis, the owner

Best life awards 2019

Our story

When you take one part loving and devoted Mom in search of good nutrition for her child with food sensitivities and allergies and mix in one part of her love of baking and cooking, then blend with her family’s heritage steeped in both Greek and French Canadian cultures and cuisines, that’s where you will find Toula Argentis, Founder & Owner, and her amazingly delicious, European-inspired 2B Whole Gluten-Free Bakery and Eatery in the heart of historic downtown Alpharetta!

When Toula’s childrens’ dietary restrictions were diagnosed over ten years ago due to food sensitivities and allergies, it forced her family to change their eating habits and when she saw how these changes dramatically improved her childrens’ overall well-being she became passionate about wanting to help others dealing with food allergy challenges. With over 20 years of baking experience and her inspiration for wanting to prepare clean food for family meals and desserts, Toula created 2B Whole – an extension of what she provided to her own family. She launched 2B Whole in 2011 at local farmers markets and welcomed customers to her current bakery in 2014.

Our mission

Over the years 2B Whole Bakery’s purpose has expanded to include creating delicious products with our following mission:

  • • To provide high-quality gluten-free and allergen-friendly baked goods that taste great!
  • • To educate our consumers, young and old, on better eating options, and how to lead a healthier and balanced lifestyle.
  • • Promote ‘clean’ eating options.
  • • Teach our customers how to prepare and bake great food with affordable and healthy ingredients.
  • • To reach out to as many customers as possible with an expanded supply and distribution system.
Gluten free, Soy free, vegan

Reatil partners

We are proud and happy to offer our healthy, yummy gluten-free treats for sale at several retail vendors. Listed below are these very special friends of 2B whole Bakery. We encourage you to visit their stores and/or websites.